Science & WetlandSnap

The team behind WetlandSnap are based at Macquarie University (Sydney, Australia) and are working on a range of research projects to understand why wetlands and rivers are so important, how they function, and what threatens them.

Together with local, national and international collaborators, we aim to provide improved understanding of wetlands and rivers to support and enhance their conservation and management.

By engaging and mobilising communities to help track environmental conditions at photopoint monitoring sites, WetlandSnap can feed into and also be informed by our current scientific projects.

Our research interests include:

    • Channel change in wetlands
    • Erosion and sediment deposition
    • Aquatic ecosystem productivity
    • Charcoal and fire regimes in wetlands
    • Water quality, carbon, salt and nutrients
    • Sediment sources and sinks
    • Water and habitat requirements of freshwater plants and animals
    • Long-term river and wetland evolution
    • Human impacts on wetlands and rivers

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Great science underpins great conservation and management of wetlands and rivers!