Submit a photo to WetlandSnap!

Coming soon - use our online form to upload photos taken at existing WetlandSnap photopoint monitoring sites.

To use the upload form, you will need:

    1. Your photo(s) in .jpg, .png or .tiff format
    2. The ID number for the site you visited (click here to find)
    3. A Google account (for file upload security)

How to take a good WetlandSnap photo

Taking a good photo to submit to WetlandSnap is easy!

    1. Locate an existing WetlandSnap photopoint site (or if there isn't one where you would like there to be, consider setting up your own).
    2. Mount your camera or smartphone on the bracket in the direction indicated and take your photo.
    3. Remember to record which site you were at when you took the photo. Each site has a unique ID number starting with "WS", e.g. "WS0001". It's useful to also take a photo of this ID number when you visit the site, in case you forget.
    4. Upload your photo(s) using our upload form.